Thoughts on disability: Hearing and subtitles

So I decided to make a short post about this after seeing an awfully extreme number of complaints on various websites over videos having subtitles on them.

First to those people I would like to say this: Fuck you

Second I would like to say: Suck my dick you ignorant slags

and Third: what the flying fuck is wrong with you?

So most people don’t know this about me apart from like 2? friends but I am hard of hearing. I had a bad infection as a kid and it caused permanent damage that makes hearing difficult.

Basically what that means is if I am out and about somewhere with someone if they aren’t facing me so I can see their lips I don’t have a fucking clue what they are saying. Or another example would be that when I’m watching tv whilst most people would have the volume at like 25 or under I have it on 60 if I’m alone and 80 if there are other people in the house because I can’t hear it. I also use subtitles a lot because if characters are speaking at the same time or something is making noise in the background it all sounds like noise to me and doesn’t make sense.

It’s the number one reason I never go to the cinema until the end of the shows run because by then no one else will be in the cinema So i can get a good enough seat where I can both see (I’m also visually impaired by only slightly) and hear the film.

There are people in this world who are completely deaf or a lot more hard of hearing than me and they need subtitles for everything. How does it effect your life in anyway if some words at the bottom of the screen are there or not? Especially when these same people watch subbed anime without complaint. How is that any different?

Why is making something accessible for more people a bad thing? If you answer is because it doesn’t help you or it annoys you then you really need to rethink your priorities in life because not everything has to be about or for you.

I could rant for hours about this subject but it’s midnight so I’m about to turn back into a pumpkin.

Feel free to share your thought’s on the matter in the comments


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